Published Date:
November 25.09

"This used to be a funhouse. Now it’s a 400 apartment housing complex."

Issue 338


Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Date Published: Wednesday, 25 November 09  |  Cover   |  Author: Katy Hall

Show Their Bones

I like to think we’d follow Karen O and her male compatriots anywhere, wouldn’t you? I know I sure as hell would. The YEAH YEAH YEAHS’ hard and fast burst onto the scene in the early 2000s surely left everyone panting along for more of their ferocious tunes. In the almost nine years since their formation, the leotards got brighter, the howls found some harmony, the drums were angrier and the guitars kept you hanging on for dear life. That is until earlier in the year, when the group’s latest offering, It’s Blitz!, came along and changed all of that, leaving a look of shock on our faces, but for a totally different reason.

“I really hate it when people say we made a ‘dance album’ like it’s this betrayal, or a bad thing,” says Nick Zinner, guitarist-cum-synth-player of the trio. With a slightly defensive tone he adds “all our albums are dance albums; it’s just a different type of dancing. We got together when dancing was illegal in New York, to command people to move.” And command they did. With the play-on-words name coming straight from the New York vernacular, Yeah Yeah Yeahs overhauled the stiff ... READ MORE »

November 25.09 ...
issue 338 ...