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Big Dave Parsons - Real subject matter
Date Published: Thursday, 4 September 08   |  Author: Petal Skobavac   |     |  8 years, 8 months ago


Big Dave Parsons

The very nature of hip-hop is about who you are, and where you’re from. With this in mind, MC and Koky Prik label boss BIG DAVE PARSONS has a rich vein from which to draw. Kidnapped by his father as a youth, a five year jail sentence, dealing to survive and being banned from Canberra are just some of the “highlights” of what has been a very colourful career.

“It’s certainly been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, bro,” Dave understates. “The biggest highlight would certainly be the birth of my baby girl and the connection I’ve found with my girlfriend. Building Koky Prik Rekordz and completing my album is something I’m really proud of too. Working with John Payne, EDI Mean and Kool Keith has been surreal and something I won’t forget. One of the lowest points would be my first night sitting in prison after receiving a five year jail term; when the gravity of what had happened really dawned on me. Reality sure can switch quickly.”

Dave’s debut LP Raw Stories Volume 1 serves as a conduit for the rich tapestry that is Dave’s life, and the man is understandably excited about it. “It’s the first I’ve had professionally mastered and it’s easily the best stuff I’ve ever put out,” he enthuses. “The album is the past decade of my life; the first chapter. From my time living on my own as a kid back when I was hustling and scamming to make a living; my days dealing weed and finding some limited success in life; time in prison and life after my release; building a record label and starting a family. There are songs about love, hate, mates, enemies, revenge, loyalty, and a lot more.

Lyrically, Raw Stories is expectantly frank, remaining true to the man’s street level ethics. “My favourite hip-hop has always been true-to-life story telling rhymes. That’s what I’ve aimed to create.” And Dave has brought the big guns to help tell his story, featuring an appearance from EDI Mean of Tupac’s Outlawz.

Whilst making the big commercial push, Dave isn’t compromising on his edgy subject matter. “In a commercial sense, I’m still behind groups like Bliss N Eso and the Hoods, but mainstream pop hits were never my goal,” he says. “I’m no Video Hits guy. I feel as though the people I make music for don’t have many Aussie rappers they can relate to. A guy struggling with the justice system or dealing drugs to stay afloat isn’t going to relate to the lyrics on a Hilltop Hoods album. I rap for that guy, not the mainstream.

“I come with the ‘real’ street level, no compromise music for the true heads of Australia,” he continues. “No fairy floss raps and no bending to commercial appeal. How many times have you heard a music group, hip-hop or otherwise, dis a government agency or speak on an issue, then all they do to help the situation is write a song about it? That’s piss weak. I make the song but then I get my hands dirty too.”

Proving he walks it like he talks it, Big Dave has Big Plans ahead. “Mate, to say I’ve got big plans would be an understatement!” he exclaims. “On a personal level I want to move back to Canberra and give my family the life I missed out on. Politically, I’m stepping up my fight with corrective services and taking that to the next level. Musically, I’ve got other artists at Koky Prik that I plan to share my opportunities with. More chapters of Raw Stories are on the way, as well as a controversial mixtape. I plan to keep kicking up dust till I win or lose.”

Big Dave will be supporting the massive Project X tour hitting The Venue, Erindale on Saturday September 6, with Tim Dog, Kool Keith and Marc Live. Tix are $35 plus BF available through Moshtix, Oztix and iTicket. Big Dave’s Raw Stories Volume 1 is out now through Koky Prik Recordz.