You Pissed Me Off!

Column: You Pissed Me Off   |   Date Published: Sunday, 14 May 17   |   Author: Some Pissed Off Person   |   1 month, 2 weeks ago

To everyone driving along the parkway toward the city on the morning of May 1st, you kind of pissed me off. The way traffic was crawling its toward the city I figured that there had been an accident, and that I would eventually edge past some gruesome scene with unrecognisably twisted cars and see someone’s splattered corpse decorating the road with entrails, severed heads clunking about like in a bowling ball return shoot. There was an incident (I was right on the money), a minor rear-end on the other side of the road which had slowed southbound traffic, fair enough. Nothing to be seen except a dented back end, and a “why-did-you-brake-so-hard, well-why-were-you-following-so-close, yeah-sorry-mate-here’s-my-insurance-details” type conversation that looked even more boring than described here. Get a grip northbound morons, is your life that dull that you will slow to a strolling pace to see a dented car? I don’t care about being late for work, but I do hate an anticlimax.


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