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WHAT: Delights of the anime world
WHEN: September 2 – 15
WHERE: Dendy Cinemas

As someone who hardly even understands the general outline of what anime is, let alone who the kings and queens of the industry are, I have to admit even I find this press release exciting. Madman invites you to experience the visual splendour, unadulterated joy and eye-popping thrills of anime on the big screen for Reel Anime 2010. Featuring a hand-picked selection of animated feature films from Japan, Reel Anime 2010 is a wholly different kind of event, with each film showcasing the best that the new wave of anime has to offer. Tickets can be booked online, and for more info head to .

Fun Machine, Joe Oppenheimer and Tom Piano:

WHAT: A veritable smorgasbord of local talent
WHEN: Friday August 20
WHERE: The Pot Belly, Belconnen

Belconnen and surrounds take heed! Blowing away the standard trio of dips is a local gig combination that’s bound to have your tastebuds baffled but no doubt thrilled by the end of it. The affable mischief makers and known-in-these-parts gang Fun Machine (BYO headbands) will be joined by the magnificent wandering minstrel Joe Oppenheimer and the kookiest man behind the keys, Tom Piano for a night of music that’ll make your ears shower you in praise. The gig hits off from 9pm and is freer than City News. Check out and for a taster of what you’re in for.

Deep Sea Arcade:

WHAT: Pyramid meets Party By Jake
WHEN: Saturday August 28
WHERE: Transit Bar

On the day of writing this, I wish it was the day of this gig. When there’s nothing but grey skied gloom filling your view, a little surf pop-rock-shazam-psych-lo-fi-whatever-the-kids-are-calling-it-these-days would be nice. In the currently oversaturated market, Deep Sea Arcade is doing a pretty smashing job of creating their own little niche in a giant wading pool that is Australian music. The night starts at 8pm with support from This Vacant Field and Party by Jake DJs; entry is $5. Check out songs Don’t Be Sorry and Lonely in Your Arms to see why they’re the perfect headliner for this sure to be excellent event.

Anarchist Duck:

WHAT: Quacktastic tunes
WHEN: Saturday August 28
WHERE:  The Front Café and Gallery 

Okay so people are always referring to ‘it’. You’ve got ‘it’, ‘it’s’ not going to happen. I don’t even know what ‘it’ is, but according to Gold Coast band Anarchist Duck, Canberra has it. For the uninitiated, Anarchist Duck are a ridiculous mix of funk, reggae, rock and rhymes and dance moves you almost forgot about. For anyone familiar with their work, well, you don’t even need to read this, just check the date and make sure you get there on time. Head to for a listen and get there early as it’s likely to fill out pretty quickly.

Justin Carter:

WHAT: Winter Warming Tour
WHEN: Thursday August 19
WHERE: Transit Bar

After a smashing set in June, coastal bluesman Justin Carter and his right hand man Johnny Rollins are returning to Canberra as part of their east coast Winter Warming tour to deliver some more of their delectable mixture of surf rock, soul and grungy blues. With fans from the driest of deserts and wettest of wetlands, the duo are slowly but surely carving out quite the name for themselves as ones to watch. The night kicks off from 9pm with local songstress Ashleigh Mannix. Tickets are $10 on the door. For more info check out .

Rubix Cuba:

WHAT: Seven piece ska attack
WHEN: Saturday August 28
WHERE: Phoenix Bar

I don’t know about you guys, but as a child I hated the Rubik’s Cube. Their unmanageable twists and colour matching threw my sweet temperament out the window, the cube along with it. But thankfully, ska met the Rubik’s cube, got turned on it’s head and a band got spat out at the end of it. Rubix Cuba are fresh from the studio and on the road to tour their new album With Life. Like many other ska bands, they’re filled with crazy antics, catchy tunes and a wild live show, so if you like ska a little, you’ll like Rubix Cuba a lot.


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