Punk and Disorderly March / April

Column: Punk and Disorderly   |   Date Published: Thursday, 16 March 17   |   Author: Eleanor Horn   |   1 week ago

Hello my dudes, this month I have a short and very sweet column for you. First of all, there’s some new music I’d like you to hear. Grunge darlings Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers have two (relatively) new songs on Unearthed; ‘We’re All Henry’ and ‘I Want It All’. Listen to them if you love yourself. Secondly, we are inching closer and closer to the release of Moaning Lisa’s first EP The Sweetest. All four tracks are perfection on a stick, and if you’d like a taste, you can read my review of The Sweetest in the next few pages. It’s also worth noting that Moaning Lisa have just released their first music video, ‘Shoe-In’, and it is predictably a delight.

Now, let’s get to the gigs. It is finally time for No Front Fences, the three-day mini-festival taking place at Lowbrow Gallery, MacLeay Farm, and of course, Dave’s place. This weekend (Fri–Sun March 17–19) will be filled with the finest our local music scene has to offer, including Azim Zain & His Lovely Bones, Helena Pop and The Lowlands. As if this weren’t incentive enough, tickets are just $10, or you can buy a three-day-pass for $25. Bargain and a half.

Coinciding with No Front Fences, Wandering Ghosts with Brother Be and Rebecca-Maree will be playing at 8pm on Friday March 17 at Transit. It’ll be an evening filled with a conglomeration of indie/folk/rock/funk/pop, and what a lovely combination that is.

Transit will also be hosting “modern rock ‘n’ roll icon” Nick Oliveri on Friday March 24. This guy has offered his songwriting and mad bass skills to acts including Queens of the Stone Age and The Dwarves, and is known for often performing naked. So … That could be a win/win, but I guess you’ll have to go to find out.

Now, you know them, I know them – Frenzal Rhomb are returning to The Basement in all their glory on Friday March 24. Joining them will be Glitoris, Canberra punk legends, and definitely who I’d choose in one of those hypotheticals; ‘if you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead who would it be?’

One event I am particularly excited about is RocKwiz Live, and despite the fact that they won’t be in Canberra until June, tickets go on sale this month, and you don’t want to miss out. I attended (and reviewed) the show the last time it came to Canberra, and it was utterly wonderful. Even my dad enjoyed it, and my dad doesn’t enjoy anything that doesn’t involve comfortable chairs and a bar tab.

Finally, I’m afraid we end on a bit of a sombre note. Powerhouse rockers Kingswood will be playing at ANU Bar on Saturday April 1, and will be one of the last acts to play this iconic venue before it’s closure. Head on down and soak up the vibes while you can.




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