Harlequins Parade to Horrify Everyone

Column: News   |   Date Published: Tuesday, 8 October 13   |   Author: Ashley Thomson   |   3 years, 7 months ago

On Saturday October 26, the 100 Harlequins Parade will see a potentially world record-setting number of harlequins parade through Canberra’s CBD. As part of the Centenary Children’s Week Celebrations, groups, individuals, and families are invited to participate in two workshops on Sunday October 13 and Sunday October 20, where they will be given the skills and equipment necessary to terrify people come the parade. Beginning in Glebe Park, the harlequins will parade through the CBD, winding their way through City Walk for the official count in Garema Place. If you just can’t wait to watch a small child break down in tears as they’re caught in the crosshairs of an unimaginable nightmare, email to be a part of the workshops and parade.

BMA Magazine to Revive Punk Column:

It’s been a heady year for punk in the ACT. TV Colours, The Fighting League, Revellers, and others have brought Canberra’s new punk scene surging into the spotlight, just as retrospective events and exhibitions have served as reminders of the scene’s torrid past, high watermarks beside a river that is once again on the rise. Thus it is that BMA Magazine has decided to revive a column that fell quiet in December 2009. Beginning next issue, Wednesday October 23, BMA’s punk column will return to its place in these pages. To quote a man who has no right to be quoted at this time but whose words seem more than a touch prescient, ‘Punk’s not dead, she’s just gone to bed.’ So once again it’s God save the Queen, because nothing will convince Tony Abbott to pursue independence.

CityArt iPhone App to Provide Accountability for Crimes Against Humanity:

That cone fountain in front of Canberra Centre – the one people every so often fill with detergent so it overflows with bubbles – is called The Canberra Times Fountain. Who knew? This app, apparently. The CityArt iPhone app, funded by ACTEW Water and local design firm Cre8ive, is designed to help locals and visitors navigate Canberra’s public works of art, giving them information on each as they go – things like whether the local government was responsible for it or whether it was funded privately. Which is great, because now we know who to blame! Said ACTEW Water Managing Director Mark Sullivan at the app’s launch, ‘They are a reflection how we see ourselves and how we want others to see us.’ He’s so right. (See below.)

Flume made Obsolete by Forerunner of Skynet:

Award-winning Australian musician and producer Flume’s newest song features an ominous set of collaborators – a band of tablet computers, and Intel. Dubbed ‘Intelligent Sounds’, the project sees ‘Felix the Robot Conductor’ guide a tablet-powered band (complete with pre-programmed robot arms) that hit the required notes to perform a track written for them by Flume. This foolhardy display of ‘innovation’ will undoubtedly be the end of human ingenuity, as one musician after the next is overwhelmed by his robot ‘collaborators’ when they perfect creativity’s pacifying potential into a super-weapon. BMA Magazine is now taking bets on which artists will bend to their will, become shells of their former selves, and offer their meagre talents for the sake of self-preservation. Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj,, Madonna, and Status Quo are the clear frontrunners.

Canberra Songwriters Workshop Receives APRA Grant:

On the last Monday of every month, the Canberra Songwriters Workshop (CSW) takes place from 6:30pm to 9pm at The Statesman Hotel in Curtin. For five to ten dollars (after a first free session), budding songwriters are given a chance to workshop songs and lyrics, to give and take critique for their musical betterment. And thanks to a $2000 grant from the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA), the CSW is now providing guest speakers and has the benefit of a larger capacity venue. That Canberra now has two such organisations – in the Canberra Music Workshop and the CSW – can only be good. The next sessions and registration forms for both can be found on their respective websites: and



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