CRE8IVE Installs Int’l Graffiti Artist’s Work In The City For TEDxCanberra

Column: News   |   Date Published: Thursday, 6 September 12   |   Author: Ashley Thomson   |   4 years, 8 months ago

Leading ad agency CRE8IVE is bringing internationally renowned graffiti artist Vans the Omega to the capital as part of a celebration of art and culture at this Saturday’s eagerly anticipated meeting of TEDxCanberra. Working within the event theme of An Optimistic Challenge, Vans the Omega will showcase his unique talent in the often polarizing world of graffiti art, live, in a stripped-back performance that will see the artist create new artwork in less than a day, with over 600 event attendees watching on. As Art Installation Partner at this year’s sold out TEDxCanberra, CRE8IVE is excited to support and showcase an artist with a gift for letterform, colour and impossible patterns. Vans has been painting for over two decades travelling the world and consistently pushing the boundaries of his specialism.

Each canvas that Vans creates will be sold through an auction, with proceeds going to a charity of the buyer’s choice, and buyers and onlookers need not attend the event to view or buy.

Attendees will be able to view Vans’ creations at the Canberra Museum and Gallery courtyard from 10am. Regular updates from the auction will be made online at and by following @_CRE8IVE on Twitter.

Sound Check Australia Launches National Hearing Survey:

The National Acoustic Laboratories, Hearing CRC and ABC have teamed up as part of National Science Week to run Sound Check Australia, a national noise and hearing survey. ‘Our access to noise and music is just unprecedented in its availability,’ says Elizabeth Beach, a researcher from the National Acoustic Laboratories. ‘We hope that with Sound Check people will start a conversation about it... One of the things we are trying to get a handle on is just how big a problem this really is and not trying to be sensationalist about it. We don’t want to discourage people from participating in music activities, we just want people to be aware.’ Preachy, no? But in a counterintuitive twist they’re offering $1000 worth of concert tickets to participants. Moreover, people who take part in the online survey will be able to test their hearing, work out whether they are ‘overdosing’ on noise via ‘binge listening’ (exposure to sound through regular music listening) and find out what part of their social lives could be putting them at risk. Go to register and do the test. It runs until Wednesday September 12.

International Music Competition Call for Bands:

It seems like not an issue passes without a music competition leaving a glistening pool of money-scented piss and shit on our doorstep. We dutifully dress them up as ‘News’ and deliver them to you but it’s hard to tell if anyone enters as a result of this process. Do you? Do you sniff that piss and shit and chase money? The Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB) ( is the latest and it’s heading to Moosehead’s Pub and Nightclub for the 2012 Canberra Heat. GBOB is a huge international event with over 30 countries involved. The first prize is worth US$100,000 and gives the winners the title of ‘Best New Band in the World’! Yeah, in the world. The Canberra heat will be conducted on Friday September 14, 8pm. Bands wanting to take part can contact organisers now by emailing or calling (02) 9519 3978.

University Of Canberra’s Stone Day 2012 Line-Up Announced:

Entering its 44th year, Stone Day is singing a brand new tune on Friday October 26 in and around Zierholz @ UC and over four stages, ensuring there won’t be a corner that isn’t abuzz.

The Zierholz Stage will play host to San Cisco, Alison Wonderland, Skryptcha, The Griswolds, Super Best Friends, Tin Can Radio, Bears With Guns, Readable Graffiti and National Campus Band Competition winners Dahrnoir.

The Silent Party this year will set the battle ground for Strangeways DJs, Mum DJs, Celebrity Sex Tape, Architect DJs, Eddie Shaggz and many more to fight it out.

And what’s a carnival without freaks? The Bally promises the greatest circus and freakshow stunts and is also bringing the laughs.

There’s also a Car Park Carnival, featuring carnival rides, an epic games arena, an outdoor bar and DJS.

Sporting a massively discounted ticket price of only $25 for UC students, 2012 is a new day. A new… Stone Day… For more information visit or

MusicACT Announces First Annual Music Awards: The MAMAs:

It's an idea suggested countless times in venues all over Canberra: serious, legitimate awards for music in the ACT. Best Rock Group, Best Folk Group, Best Studio/Engineer/Producer, Best Orchestra/Big Band; and publicly determined awards too: Artist of 2012, Live Performer of 2012, Live Venue of 2012. Awards that mean something. There are 19 in total, every one reflecting a comprehensive consideration of Canberran music. Each category will be judged transparently and rigorously by a panel of interstate industry experts and the awards will be delivered at the inaugural MAMAs at Albert Hall, Friday December 7. Envisaged by its creators as a celebration, attendees are encouraged to ‘Forget hours of boring speeches and bad food, and envision a night of dancing and drinking hosted by the great Paul McDermott where the main focus is what we’re there to recognise and rejoice in – outstanding local music.’ Submissions for the awards are open now via, as are ticket sales for the event and MusicACT memberships. It’ll be like the ARIAs but we give a shit.

ANU Law Professor: UK Assange Threat Unprecedented:

The extraordinary threat by the United Kingdom to revoke the diplomatic protection of the Ecuadorian embassy so that they can arrest Julian Assange is without precedent in modern history and could end up before the international courts, according to an academic from the Australian National University. Professor Donald Rothwell from the ANU College of Law said that the threat shows just how serious the UK is about extraditing the WikiLeaks founder to Sweden. ‘The threat by the United Kingdom… to revoke the diplomatic protection enjoyed by the Ecuadorian Embassy in London is extraordinary and without modern precedent. It highlights how serious the United Kingdom Government is about extraditing Assange to Sweden where he is wanted for questioning over sexual assault,’ said Professor Rothwell. ‘If the United Kingdom revoked the Embassy’s diplomatic protection and entered the Embassy to arrest Assange, Ecuador could rightly view this as a significant violation of international law which may find its way before an international court.’ Professor Rothwell added that whatever happens next, the prospects for Assange finding safe haven appear to rapidly diminishing. ‘Irrespective of the outcome of this diplomatic impasse between Ecuador and the United Kingdom, the prospects of Assange enjoying any level of protection, even if he was granted asylum by Ecuador, now appear very remote given the determination of the UK to extradite him to Sweden.’



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