Win one of five double passes to Night At The Museum: Heroes And Villains!

Column: Giveaways   |   Date Published: Thursday, 27 April 17   |   Author: Andrew Nardi   |   1 month ago

Calling all veiled villains and caped crusaders for a night of super-sized adventures at the National Museum. Channel your powers and assemble your squad for uneasy alliances and unexpected action!

Release your inner alter ego and come disguised as your favourite superhero or scandalous villain. No rays, 'lasers', doomsday devices or weapons. Over 18s minions, sidekicks and hench people allowed!

Be mesmerised by magician and mentalist Richard Vegas. Take to the skies (or a green screen), and look totally fly with your cape billowing behind you and the wind in your hair. Sign up for superhero and villain boot camp with an inflatable obstacle course. Design your own hero or villain with cartoonist Azza McKazza. Cross swords in a daring duel with fight choreographer Thompson. Test your skills at Sidekick Alley: Ready, Aim, Fire.

It's on at the National Museum of Australia on Friday April 28 from 6pm. QT Canberra will be hosting the official after party from 9:30pm. Visit or check out the Museum's Facebook event page for all the info.

For your chance to win one of five double passes to Night At The Museum: Heroes And Villains, all you have to do is email and tell us which superhero or supervillain would come out on top in a battle.

Email the editor with your name, phone number and address to see if you can pick up yourself a one of these.

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