Slow Turismo Have Caught The Vinyl Bug

Column: Features   |   Date Published: Wednesday, 11 May 16   |   Author: Ian McCarthy   |   1 year, 1 month ago

     "Alright, tonight we’re staying up, 4AM … we got really close last week."

It was roughly a year ago when I last caught up with SLOW TURISMO, although everyone immediately acknowledges that it feels like much longer. When we last spoke, the band was gearing up to release their debut EP. Twelve months on, the EP already feels like a distant memory amidst a blur of interstate shows, Triple J airplay, and support spots for the likes of Saskwatch and Kingswood; the icing on the cake being the recent release of new single ‘Falter’ and a video clip to accompany.

Created by Alex Dray, the video clip for ‘Falter’ is something of which the band is immensely proud. Said Sam Conway (vocals and guitar), “It was really nice for us. We struggle ‘cause clips are just really hard. It’s not a medium that any of us have got our heads around. It was really good to be able to unload it onto him and send him the lyrics. He came up with the idea and everything and yeah, we really liked it.”

Since its release, the video has received some very positive attention, not least of which being its addition to the rotation of the ABC’s late night music program, Rage. “We were pretty stoked about it,” Sam said about the achievement, before Louis Montgomery (bass and keys) added, “Still haven’t been up late enough to watch it.” Max Conway (vocals and guitar) then explained, “We’ve actually been away playing shows every weekend and we go, ‘Alright, tonight we’re staying up, 4AM’ … we got really close last week.”

The theme that popped up most consistently throughout my chat with Slow Turismo was there newfound obsession with vinyl – the gentle fuzz of Muddy Waters and Fleetwood Mac providing accompaniment throughout the interview. “For ages it was just that real trendy thing to do, and I think we were a bit skeptical of it. Then we were running out of ideas for Riley [Conway, drums]’s 21st – he’s got a little pad back where he’s staying and it was like, ‘Oh, we should get him a little record player and some speakers’,” Sam explained. “Getting him that and then finding him some records, we were all like, ‘I want these’. So pretty much straight away, we started buying records for ourselves and now instead of watching shitty TV and talking over the top of it, we put on records.”

The band’s new interest also has the potential to change the way they distribute their music in the future. With their last EP only being available as a digital download, Sam Conway explains, “I think the thing is that people want that physical thing. And there’s something about, you know, with vinyl you get so much more artwork and stuff. It’s all just big and so obvious, and then you’ve got the download card with it as well.”

Slow Turismo are supporting Borneo alongside Northbourne Flats at The Phoenix on Thursday May 26. Kicks off at 9pm, tickets start at $5 on the door.



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