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     Creativity is never going to change. What you can do and the tools we have will change, but creativity is always going to be there


Joan Wasser, also know as JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN, is impossible not to like – speaking to me over the phone from Brooklyn, while still on tour since February this year, Wasser sounds chilled out, calm, and completely at ease with the world. Much like her music, in fact, which is soulful, swoony, and always surprising, with her strong, deep vocals turning each tune into an addictive masterpiece.

Despite having been on the road for months without a break, Wasser couldn’t be happier with her new album The Deep Field, and the reception it’s received. “I love that it’s out, and I also love that people like it. The fact that people dig it really helps me out!”

The album is filled with amazing songs, but in particular, The Magic hits all the right notes, and comes with a bizarre and wonderful film clip as well. Written and directed by a Welsh man, Ben Reed, the video depicts a day in the life of Wasser, complete with two huge body-builders, wearing very little clothing and basically behaving like her toy boys.

“Explaining the concept [of the clip] would be a little bit difficult, because it really is an absurdist video,” Wasser laughs. “I was looking through treatments for the video, and I was like, for lack of a better word, ‘boring, boring’, and then I got this video treatment, and I was like ‘oh my god!’ The video’s ridiculous, I just wanted to laugh!”

She could never pick a favourite track off the album though. “Even now I’m behind the times. I still think of albums as a collection of songs, and they make sense together, you know?”

Fans of Joan As Police Woman will probably know all about Wasser’s incredible musical history – she was the girlfriend of Jeff Buckley when he tragically drowned in 1997, and has collaborated with a ton of different amazing musicians and artists over the years on projects numbering far into the double-digits.

Are things still as good in the music world now as they were in the 90s?

“Well, obviously things are different,” Wasser muses. “Because of the whole age of computers. But the fact is, great music is being made all the time. Creativity is never going to change. What you can do and the tools we have will change, but creativity is always going to be there.”

Now that she’s primarily a solo artist, does she miss the thrill of working with other musicians?

“I worked on other people’s work for a long time before I even considered writing my own songs, and that was extremely rewarding and really enriching,” Wasser explains. “There’s really nothing like being able to sing your own songs, though. It’s really special, and I just love doing it, it’s a blast. It’s just fun making music in whatever way!”

Joan As Police Woman will be crooning at The Street Theatre on Thursday June 2. Doors open at 8pm, and tickets are $59/$55 concession, available through .


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