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Column: Features   |   Date Published: Tuesday, 24 May 11   |   Author: Tim Galvin   |   6 years ago

     My sound has changed a lot over the years, and I feel only now has it really found itself


The life of a superstar DJ is quite arduous. I mean, there’s all the pesky overseas travel, all the annoying industry accolades and, of course, the unruly die-hard fans who just won’t stop telling you how good you are every single day. Australian DJ/producer extraordinaire Stu Tyson aka BASS KLEPH is a survivor - even when faced with all of these nauseating obstacles he is still persevering for the love of his chosen art form, and by golly, is he doing well for himself.

“I travel quite a bit these days. Since the start of 2011 alone, I’ve already DJd all over USA, Canada, South Africa, Germany, UK, and Russia,” he says. “The recent tour in USA/Canada was great. Playing in New York, LA, and Vegas was fun, but Denver and San Diego were the highlights! Even more recently I had some very fun shows in South Africa, and a wicked gig at Ministry of Sound in London.”

In previous years his production success was primarily contained within our borders. Everything changed back in 2006 when Tyson (along with Aussie collaborator, Nick Thayer) took out Best Remix at the UK Breakspoll awards. The ensuing years were a veritable renaissance period for the young Aussie, who became an international star, one who has just added yet another Beatport Number One to his ever increasing mantle.

“I was as surprised as I was excited when it happened. The track I'll Be OK also hit number one, and that gave me two number ones in less than a year. There were a few champagnes had that night!”

Bass Kleph’s club shows are always a mind-boggling mix of forward thinking sounds and uber-cool technology. His latest live project is the exciting BKCA collaboration with fellow tech producer Chris Arnott, who is coming along with Tyson on his upcoming Australian tour.

“Chris and I used to play together in a band years ago. So BKCA is a reunion of our writing. It fuses both of our styles at a point somewhere between a band and dance music. Currently it features just the two of us. Chris on vocals and effects, and myself on Ableton and machine. Although we are looking to eventually expand it into a full, traditional band setup.”

The tour is not only a homecoming for Tyson, it also supports the release of his latest digital project Bass Kleph: Presents, a collection of new and unreleased solo material and selected remix work.

“I wanted to make a package that says, ‘this is Bass Kleph’. Up until now, you've only been able to have my separate songs, or a DJ mix that was full of other peoples’ tracks. My sound has changed a lot over the years, and I feel only now has it really found itself. So I want to be able to share that with everyone.”

BKCA will be hitting up Academy on Friday June 3. Doors open at 11pm, and ticket info is available from .


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