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Queensland wonder kid SAMPOLOGY started DJing underage parties in the early noughties. Jump forward seven years and the turntable wizard never imagined the likes of DJ Yoda and Peaches would be singing his praise. Sampology is undoubtedly the country’s premier audiovisual DJ. His unique style mashes a range of tunes with clever pop culture visuals. After taking his show around the world Sampology has launched the ‘Super Visual Smackdown’ to showcase his gift on home turf.

“Well I sort of choose my music half based on the music, but half based on the visuals,” says Sam of the upcoming Smackdown. “I started doing the show a few years ago and mainly used music videos, but the new visuals come from lots of places. I’ll hear a track and think this visual reference would be perfect for that. It sort of develops and grows into its own thing.”

It certainly has grown into its own thing with his video edit of Parker’s Where’s My Monkey? sitting pretty at 325,362 hits on YouTube. The dubstep anthem is dispersed with screeching monkeys in ‘60s suits to King Louie from Disney’s the Jungle Book miming the chorus.

Sampology’s turntablism has been honed over many years of practice, but the visual component is a relatively new phenomenon. One where he feels he is still finding his feet. “I think about what I was like the last time I was there [Canberra],” he says of a memorable night at Lot 33. “I actually look back and cringe because now the show is just so much better. I have much better content and use the mp3 drum machine. It is like DJing in that I thought my early gigs were great at the time, but now I know they are much better.”

If you were wondering how his show all pulls together, Sampology explains that the concept is relatively simple – it is the practice and preparation that cement each show. “Well there are obviously two turntables and the videos link to each piece of music,” he says. “So I mix like any other DJ, but have worked out what clips mix well together. The drum machine also triggers different visuals. Each effect will play an effect on the screen. Lots of people are doing this type of shows now and I have made a real effort to make my show different.”

With a cinema-sized screen conveniently on hand at Academy, Sampology’s June

25 ‘Super Visual Smackdown’ is gearing up to be a memorable night, with local alumni D’Opus, Jemist and Faux Real in tow. “At the moment I am playing lots of different tempos. I try and mashup lots of different stuff,” he says of his new show. “I don’t want people just standing around watching the screen though. I try and choose stuff that will make people dance. It is, after all, a party!”

Catch Sampology, D’Opus, Jemist and Faux Real at Academy on Friday June 25. Tickets on the door.



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