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Column: Features   |   Date Published: Tuesday, 16 February 10   |   Author: Stevie Easton   |   7 years, 3 months ago

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“Doof is a culture. Doof is a lifestyle. A doof is a lot deeper than just a party,” says Adam Van Apeldoorn of Sideproject, the dedicated people who’ve been working for months to breathe life into the 2010 MOTHERNATURE FESTIVAL, which will materialise at Rose Cottage in Gilmore. For those unsure of what ‘doof’ means, think Rainbow Serpent Festival or Canberra’s own fledgling full-scale doof, the Dragon Dreaming Festival.

First run in ‘06 and ‘07 on a much smaller scale, Mothernature has been resurrected in 2010, and with 38 musical acts across two stages, as well as countless other artistic, educational and spiritual contributions from members of the doof community, it is sure to be an amazing gathering, filled with positivity. “You could do a workshop, learn how to fire twirl or do yoga. You could do meditation, have a dance – the range of possibilities is very large,” explains Adam.

Without going into too much detail, the Canberra doof community has been slowly growing over the last ten to 20 years, and festivals like this come after years of hard work. You only have to look at the festival’s Facebook page to see the number of party crews, artists and contributors who are working together to create Mothernature 2010. “It’s a massive undertaking to put on a doof. It’s an endurance sport.”

Hard work in the ‘90s paid off in the new millennium, with Canberra’s doof culture moving from dormitories to outdoor parties and club nights, leading to full scale festivals like Dragon Dreaming and Mothernature. The two festivals being at either end of summer is no accident, but rather the product of strong cohesion and community spirit in the doof scene. This community spirit has also helped a new crew to emerge in ‘09, Full Moon Parties, who are also helping stage the festival with Sideproject and other crews. “We’ve probably got the most cohesive [doof] community in Australia,” says Adam.

Mothernature is sure to be a massive doof, and as such offers a wide range of DJs that Adam (a DJ himself) says cover a much wider, more sophisticated range of styles than when he first started doofing. “Now, stuff’s a bit better produced, the quality of the production has risen a lot.” The two stages are named Gaia and Terra in keeping with the theme, inspired by the idea that our future relies on using ancient and tribal spirituality to give human meaning to the modern science of sustainability.

“The main stage is a trance journey,” Adam says. “It’s more intense, more full on, but if people want to get away from that, they can go to the indoor stage. It just depends what you’re into. The thing that I find really interesting is that because it’s so long and ongoing and it doesn’t break, it’s really up to you to self-manage how you want to experience it.”

The MotherNature Festival will take place at Rose Cottage from Saturday-Sunday February 20-21. Tickets are $50 on the door.


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