Shannon Noll - ‘Southern Sky’

Column: CD Single Reviews   |   Date Published: Sunday, 14 May 17   |   Author: Cody Atkinson   |   1 week, 6 days ago

No musician has done more, intentionally or not, to tie themselves into the mythos of the Aussie Battler than Shannon Noll, down to his Southern Cross tattoo. Now often reduced to a fodder for memes for the internet set, Noll returns with a track that tries to cram in every single Oz cliché imaginable into three and a half minutes. The result is a flat dance ballad that lacks any real identity or passion. 

Kirklandd - ‘Dynasty’:

Kirklandd is yet another Canberra hip hop artist who is on the sharp rise right now. The sound on ‘Dynasty’ is extremely here and now; aspirational, swelling verses with a big, reverb laden chorus. Flashes of hip hop eras past come through the beat in the back half of the song, but more to add depth rather than date it. 

Rebel Yell - ‘High Authority’:

This one is for the after midnight set; a track far cooler than I have the right to be listening to. Harder dance grooves compete with a clattering beat, and the repetitive chant of “I’m the boss” underscores the intensity of the track. ‘High Authority’ is on the punishing edge of engaging, pushing the envelope of the more left-field end of dance pop. 

Slow Turismo - ‘You Were Dead’:

For a while Slow Turismo has threatened to be the next big thing out of Canberra; with catchy guitar pop and melodies for days. On ‘You Were Dead’, the quartet nearly go a little more soft psych, and take the tempo down a bit. The hooks and harmonies are still definitely there, which is what (at its core) makes Slow Turismo an extremely hypeworthy band.



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