The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - ‘Something Like This’

Column: CD Single Reviews   |   Date Published: Thursday, 16 March 17   |   Author: Cody Atkinson   |   1 week ago

You always have to admire an artist with the guts to try something different. Unfortunately for both artists contributing to ‘Something Like This’, it seems like a combination of the exact same fucking thing they always do. Take one part of Coldplay’s arena-pop lite schtick, add two parts of drop-heavy EDM fuckwittery (The Chainsmokers) and leave to ferment until my ears fucking bleed.

The Courtneys - ‘Minnesota’:

Everyone likes a slice of good ‘n’ dirty garage-pop, right? The Courtneys, a three-piece out of Vancouver, have carved out a nice piece of it here on ‘Minnesota’, with the pop doused in a heavy cloak of fuzz. The result is a pretty nice balance of hook heavy rock and roll, going on about winter love.

Genesis Owusu - ‘Mama’s Baby’:

If you haven’t hopped on the Genesis Owusu bandwagon yet, now is the time to do so. One half of The Ansah Brothers, Genesis has been dropping killer track after killer track for a while now, setting the pace for the local hip hop scene. ‘Mama’s Baby’ is no different, with an idiosyncratic delivery and atmospheric production creating a sound like not much other local stuff around. This is, quite simply, good shit.

Mount Eerie - ‘Ravens’:

To be blunt, ‘Ravens’ is about death, and an intensely personal one at that. After a couple of years off, Phil Elverum returns by writing what he experienced during that time, notably the birth of his first child and the death of his wife. ‘Ravens’ is a fragile track, with a raw-sounding acoustic guitar offsetting the raw emotions on show. One to chuck on in a quiet room, away from the world.



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