HTRK – Blue Sunshine

Column: CD Single Reviews   |   Date Published: Tuesday, 11 March 14   |   Author: Tatjana Clancy   |   3 years, 3 months ago

HTRK seemingly hate rock more and more with every passing minute. Blue Sunshine is dark and foreboding, like a nightmare vision of pop past. Some bands blow you away with a cacophony of noise, but HTRK operate between the spaces. When something fills the silence, it's worth it.

5 Seconds of Summer – She Looks So Perfect:

Turns out that these guys are the biggest Australian band in the world right now. Stop laughing, ‘cause I’m not joking. Apparently this song is some kind of number one in 40-odd countries around the world. It’s also terrible, in the life-wasting, soul-destroying type of way. Listening to it makes you think “Can’t we, as a society, do better than this?”

Young Widows – Kerosene Girl:

Sometimes you get a noise rock song and can't help but speculate that there is a good song hiding underneath; this is like that but the song isn't hiding anywhere. Brash and bold like a string of four letter words, there's a decent mix of rudimentary guitar licks and noisy cock rock to keep everyone interested. Come for the driving guitars and drums, stay for the Cave-lite vocals.

Prawn – Why You Always Leave A Note:

I'll be honest: I originally only reviewed this for the Arrested Development reference in the title. But this is a nice little piece of jangly no-frills indie-rock, with nicely intertwined call-and-response style vocals. It's not going to change your life, but sometimes you don't want that. You just want a solid song to listen to in the background with a solid TV show name check. And this song is that.



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